Sign the #Dystoniapetition so my Pain Can Suck Less

If you care at all about me and you have never known what you can do to help me with having Dystonia, here is your chance!
Please sign the#dystoniapetition to make September Dystonia Awareness Month. Go to: Fill in the boxes and go to your email to confirm.Comment on this post so I know you signed! 

Then, ask 10 people to sign and share! We need close to 900,000 more signatures with only a week left. Sign for me because I’m in constant pain from this horrible condition. Sign so all this pain might suck less. 
Here is more information about the petition and about Dystonia! 
Make September Dystonia Awareness Month

Despite being the third most common movement disorder, most have never heard of dystonia. Affecting an estimated 500,000 people in North America, dystonia causes the brain to send improper signals to muscles, resulting in awkward, often painful, movements and postures. Dystonia affects people of all ages and can make it difficult to perform even simple tasks like walking, talking, eating, drinking, and even breathing. There is currently no cure for dystonia and it is not unusual for people to wait years to decades for a diagnosis. Having an officially recognized awareness month will bring much needed attention to this disorder and hopefully lead to prompter diagnoses, better treatments, and some day a cure.
Please take a minute to add your signature. You could be changing someone’s life.


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