Pain Spike

I’ve been going through a pain spike ever since I got facet injections (steroid) shots. I wanted to share some things that help me recover quickly and get back to living life!

  1. Go through denile. Try to “suck it up” and continue life as normal for a while. After you do this for a while, it’s time to STOP and take care of yourself!
  2. Cancel all your commitments for the week
  3. Call your Doctor. Hopefully, you have built a good relationship with your doctor where they listen and really hear you when you say it’s bad.
  4. Treat your self. I bought a few things. A dress, a belt, and a purse. I eat lots of chocolate.
  5. Lay down. Watch mindless TV or binge on your favorite sitcom.
  6. Ignore phone calls. I don’t know about you, but when I feel like crud, I don’t feel like talking.
  7. Repeat any steps as necessary.
  8. Go slowly when getting back into normal life. Example: on your fist day back, just do a half day.

What tips would you suggest when you are going through a flare up?


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