Althernative therapies: Reiki

First of all, Reiki basically is healing energy done by yourself or another person. I have been going to a Reiki circle every Monday night for quite a few months. The Reiki circle is a community of individuals who either are interested in Reiki or practice Reiki and want to formally incorporate it into their own lives on a weekly basis. I realized that, after a month or two, there was something to the Reiki. So, I set to find out more. I read Reiki for Dummies and I decided that this is something I want to learn for myself. You can do Reiki to more than just yourself: you can do it to pets, medications, food, buildings, and even at a distance. At the end of October, my dad and I went to a workshop where we both received Reiki level I and level II certification. 
After I completed the certification, I was astounded how my energy flowed when I gave myself Reiki. I was hooked. My boyfriend John recently visited for halloween and I gave his Reiki. He fell asleep and asks me to sent distant Reiki all the time. At the risk of sounding hippy-ish, I think the reasons why so many love this is because we don’t get enough positive touch or positive energy in our everyday lives. When I do Reiki, my intention is pure love and I know others can feel it. Even our family cat loves it!                                                       
My dad frequently wakes up in the middle of the night. Now when he does, he gives himself Reiki and falls right back asleep. I’ve done it at night for a while, although I have a lot more issues with sleep, I find it very helpful. 

Have you ever heard of or tried Reiki? I want to know!




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